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Terms and Co.

1. Privacy
Your privacy is very important. Therefore, I will never sell or give your information to any third party unless you explicitly authorise me to do so in order to complete your work. Your work will not be outsourced without prior permission from you, and your documents are always kept in-house. 

2. Terms and conditions
I honour your terms and deadlines, and I appreciate you honouring mine. Quotes on prices are valid 30 days. You are considered to have accepted the completed work unless you claim any faults or errors in writing within 3 days upon receipt. Faulty work will be amended only. The correct representation and/or spelling of names, figures, addresses and technical terms for which there is no accepted translation is not guaranteed. Your work will be delivered to you either electronically or by regular mail unless otherwise specified. I cannot be held responsible for delays due to acts of God or for the loss of mail unless you have proof of gross negligence on my part.

3. Payment
I accept the following payment methods: cash, bank deposit, Paypal. My terms are 30 days net for direct deposit to my bank account, unless otherwise negotiated. Late fees (5 percent of the total price) apply if payments are not met by the due date. I reserve the right to demand a deposit before commencing work and/or payment in full before delivery of the completed work. The work remains the property of Wordorders until payment has been made in full, whereupon all rights are transferred to you.

4. Referrals
If another client uses my services as a result of your referral, you are entitled to a 15 percent discount on your next order (valid six months from date of referral).

5. ABN
My Australian Business Number (ABN) is 16 718 857 590. You are, of course, entitled to a tax invoice for each contract. 

6. Technology and services
I work on Windows 10 with Microsoft Office 2010 and/or Wordfast Pro and other translation software. I have access to fax and a fast internet connection. I am happy to arrange a meeting before taking on your contract and/or after completing work; additional consultations on the phone or in person are also available.