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What is the only cure for terrible typos,
blabbering blunders and grammatical no-go zones?

The eagle-eye of a professional proofreader.

Sure, most word-processing softwares nowadays come with a spell checker and even hint at basic grammatical mistakes. But are you certain that they can always tell the difference between "their" and "there", or "its" and "it's"? More importantly, a good proofreader and copy editor will also make sure that your document is picture-perfect in terms of style, formatting, flow and accuracy.
Because if you are serious about what you have to say, you cannot neglect how you say it!

As a seasoned in-house proofreader for a variety of magazines and newspapers, I will take care of your document in any way you choose. This can be a simple spell and name check before your ad goes to print or your letter goes out to your client. However, my services extend to proofreading academic papers, thoroughly editing manuscripts and even transcribing your records, minutes and conferences from tape to paper. Fast and reliable service is always guaranteed.

Every document is read twice; at least once in print. If you wish, I will make the necessary changes to your document (and mark them with track changes) or use standard proofreading marks on paper.